Alori Collection Eyebrow Brush, Multi-function Eyebrow Brush, Multi Function Eyebrow Brush, Three-dimensional Concealer Makeup Brush Angled Eyebrow Hairline Brush (1pair)



Eye Brow Concealer Contour Brush : This versatile brow brush is ideal for filling, shaping lining the eyes, and applying mascara. It can double the definition. The precise brush head can also be used with concealer to clean up brows after coloring application. Make smooth, fluid lines along your upper or lower lashes, or create hairlike brow strokes with an ultra-thin slanted flat angle brush. Premium Angled Eyebrow Brush : The brush is somewhat firm, and works wonderfully for eyeliner and eyebrows! The small angled brush fills in and shapes brows. In addition, it is perfect for eyeliner. Use with brow powder, pomade or mascara. Wash before use recommended! Ultra-soft Fibers : The multi-function eyebrow brush has soft synthetic fibers engineered to better hold applied blend products. Fill in brows with powder or smudge eyeshadows along the lashline to add definition to any look. Ergonomic Handles : This multi function eyebrow brush is round ergonomic handles, lightweight wood handles and 8 coats of painting primer for lasting beauty. Durable Aluminum Ferrules : This multifunction eyebrow brush has Durable, ferrules, which Can keep your brush plating for shine strength and lasting beauty fashionable.It is the best choice for your own use and as a gift.


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